No Puppy Mill Pledge

Our Pledge Against Puppy Mills

Taking a Stand Against Puppy Mills

At Pawspot Frenchies, we take pride in our commitment to breeding high-quality French Bulldogs while adhering to our Breeder Code of Ethics. We strongly condemn the existence of puppy mills, and we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that we do not contribute to the exploitation and abuse of these innocent animals.

Therefore, we pledge to maintain the following principles in our breeding practices:

1. Health and Wellness – Our French Bulldogs are a part of our family, and we ensure their well-being is our top priority. We strive to produce puppies free from any genetic diseases or defects that could cause them pain and suffering. We make sure that our puppies are given appropriate vaccinations, de-worming and socialization to promote healthy physical and behavioral development.

2. Ethical Breeding – We firmly believe in responsible breeding practices. We breed our French Bulldogs only after careful research and analysis, taking into account the temperament, genetic background, and physical characteristics of the parents. We ensure that all of our dogs have undergone health screenings to prevent any issues that can be passed onto their offspring. Our goal is to breed puppies that are not only beautiful but also happy and healthy companions.

3. Education and Transparency – As breeders, we take responsibility for educating prospective buyers about the French Bulldog breed, their requirements, and their characteristics. We believe that every puppy should be matched with the right owner, someone who can provide them with a lifetime of love and care. We strive to be transparent about our breeding practices, inviting potential owners to our facility, showing them around, and answering any questions they may have.

4. Endorsement of Adoption – As much as we love breeding and caring for French Bulldogs, we also encourage adoption as an alternative to buying a puppy. There are numerous French Bulldogs out there that are in desperate need of a loving home, and we believe in supporting local rescue organizations and shelters in any way we can. We stand firm on the belief that the ethical way to breed is by prioritizing the wellbeing of our pets over profit and by educating others about the importance of pet adoption.

We, at Pawspot Frenchies, believe that these practices are essential in ensuring that our dogs live a happy, healthy life with responsible pet owners. We pledge to follow these guidelines and will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards in our breeding practices. Join us in our no puppy mill pledge by being a responsible owner, knowing where your furry friend is coming from and giving a chance for every French bulldog to have a better life!

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